Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is my squid and his name is Spike. The way I made him was it's made out of lanyard and lanyard is made of lanyard strings and it's a kind of string art and the way I did it was I did the box which is a type of lanyard. Then after I did it a few times I glued eyes on the sides that were red and that's how I made my squid. You will need glue, construction paper, a marker or two, scissors and lanyard string. The steps are bend the lanyard string and make sure it shows equal sides then make a knot then you make two loops and put a string through them. Then keep doing it until you've done enough. Then draw two eyes not too big but small. Then decorate them and cut them out. Then glue them on the sides. Then wait for it to dry and there's your squid or octopus because it can be an octopus too.

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