Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vampire Dolls

Originally uploaded by andreamurphy
I took inspiration from Lucette's drawings and my dark inspiration of drawing.

It shows a vampire stalker, two vampires and a vampire doll. The doll is the one with the bow.

The vampires are both clawed and sharp teeth women at the bottom of the page and the stalker as you can guess is the girl with the red streaked hair and smoking.

Yes, she's smoking.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the girl with the skull eye

as the freshly dressed girl on the farm of smiling pumpkins stood she looks murderous to you but she really is not

as with her gothic personality and style, even the pocketknife in her hand as it stands dripping means nothing to whom you are staring at right now. for this spooky and terrifying girl happens to be the goddess of style and harvesting and crops!

you may be surprised at all the gory figures on her but she is only playing a tiny trick for this stylish and mysterious teen seems to only be found in pumpkin crops on all hallows eve which means halloween

as you see her standing and staring she really happens to be very nice but at the stroke of twelve she will disappear back into the night sky for she happens to be a very intelligent girl

many teenage boys that have passed have been seeing this beautiful girl and wondering why she seems so lovely they've asked her out but she has refused for of course how could a god or goddess go out with a human

although a storm seems to be brewing and the clouds are velvet brown and blue just be warned this isn't really just a girl sometimes she can be very aggressive if she's been made fun or thrown anything at

she sometimes ends up to be very sensitive and also if you ever seen her don't and i mean DON'T ask her out

the lady and the purple sky

the lady in the picture with her wild streaked hair and kimono represents a symbol of magic and a symbol of the coming of spring

those whoever see her may only find her in either landscapes, highlands or mountains and she will always be standing with the sky purple and the sun red and blue and the grass fresh green wearing swirls as barrettes and earrings and a necklace and red, blue and purple kimono with the quality of purple blue green shoes and she will have a spark of blue and purple magic in her hand

she'll be standing proudly facing towards whoever looks at her face if one person will blink and in the blink of an eye she will disappear, leaving a growing seedling in her path

she has been called the goddess of timidity and spring and nature