Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spoiled Nancy

This is the picture of a girl that I colored with scented markers. And the two others are just drawn from plain markers. And it's a story about a spoiled girl. And the two other girls have cooler clothes, that's why the spoiled girl is jealous. She's orange and pink and peach, and the rest are peach, red, orange, blue, red, purple.

It's the picture of her very excited at getting a very new outfit that she thinks looks very cool and is going to wear it to the school fashion party tomorrow.

This is the school fashion party. And the girl in green and the girl in pink win it. But the spoiled girl doesn't. Everybody says her outfit looks like she's from outer space.

She's in her bedroom in her blue bathrobe and she's drinking kid's coffee. Orange flavor. And she's going like 'Oh nobody will beat me with this outfit' tomorrow at the next fashion festival.

The girl in blue wins the fashion festival. But she doesn't.

Then everybody says her outfit looks like she's the Queen of Weirdness. Then at the end she ends up in a snowglobe and if you ever shake it, she's gonna scream and also her clothes are going to fall off. The End.